Get Started with 2-Factor


For anyone interested in additional security on their AppState accounts, you may opt-in to the 2-Factor Authentication program.  You can enter a support request to have your technology consultant set you up, or you can visit our self-enrollment portal and select Start Setup.

Mobile Devices

This self-enrollment will use your cellphone as your primary means of authenticating. Your phone should be fully charged with 30 MB of available space (needed for the Duo Mobile App).

Hardware DUO Tokens

We recommend using your phone because of ease of use, but it is not required. ITS can provide a DUO D-100 hardware token to faculty and staff who want one.

DUO Token

The hardware token can be picked up at the Technology Support Center located in Suite 140 of Anne Belk Hall. There is no cost for faculty and staff.

Bypass Codes

If you are concerned about leaving your mobile device and token behind and not being able to access your account, we have you covered. The ITSS Help Desk can assist you in generating up to 10 one-time use DUO Bypass Codes. You can write these one-time use codes on our provided DUO Bypass Code Template (To access this template, you must be logged in with an Google account). Keep these codes with you in a safe location, such as your wallet. After a single use, each code will be unable to be used again.

These tokens can only be generated by the Help Desk during business hours (Monday-Thursday 8:00am-11:00pm, Friday 8:00am-5:00pm).

Remember Me Feature

There is a setting that can be selected to remember your session for the entirety of your workday. We recommend choosing the “Remember me for 1 day” option listed below Choose an Authentication Method.

DUO Remember me setting image

To get to the above menu, navigate to From there, click on Get Started with 2FA, and then follow the link for Access DUO settings at the bottom of the page.

Note: if you chose the option to automatically send a push to your phone, cancel the push so you can make changes to this screen.

Choose “Remember me for 1 day”, then use your normal means of approving the request.

If you have questions, please call our Help Desk at 828-262-6266.

Access DUO Settings

Here are some of the things that you can change in your DUO settings. 

  • Add a new device/Remove an existing device
  • Change your defualt device
  • Set up default behavior    
  • Set your device to automatically perform Send Me a Push or Call Me when you log in.

Click here for easy access to your Duo settings.  

Workshop Enrollment Instructions

Getting started with 2-Factor Authentication is easy, but before you begin, you will need to have a few things on hand:

  • A mobile phone (ideally an Android or iOS-based smart phone).
  • A DUO hardware token (Provided by ITS).
  • A landline phone, such as your university-provided CISCO VoIP phone (This method is recommended solely as a backup recovery option).
  • Optionally, a desktop or laptop computer to make enrollment easier.

(We recommend having no fewer than two of these options on hand.)

Once you have these methods with you, we can begin device enrollment.

Install DUO mobile on your Android or iOS based device by following the steps below:
  1. Open the Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) application

  2. Google Play Icon App Store Icon

  3. In the search box, search for DUO Mobile

  4. Google Play Icon
  5. Click Install

  6. Once installed, tap Get Started

    Screenshot showing Get Started button on DUO mobile app
  7. If the application requests access to your camera, grant access. (Note: You can revoke this access later in your phone's settings)
  8. Screenshot showing Camera Access prompt
  9. In a browser, click the Enroll at DUO link below and log into your AppState account
  10. Choose Start setup

  11. Screenshot showing DUO account protect header
  12. At the device selection prompt, choose Mobile Phone and click Continue

  13. Screenshot showing DUO device enrollment selector
  14. Enter your device's mobile number and select and check the checkbox for Is this the correct number?

  15. Screenshot showing DUO mobile number prompt
  16. Select your device's platform (Android, iOS, or Windows Phone)

  17. Screenshot showing DUO mobile platform selector
  18. Select I have DUO mobile installed

  19. Screenshot showing DUO mobile install prompt
  20. Use your phone's camera to scan the provided QR code and select Continue

  21. Screenshot showing DUO scan ready QR code
  22. In the dropdown, select Automatically send me a push

  23. Screenshot showing DUO authentication preference selector
  24. When returned to the Choose an authentication method, you should automatically receive a push notification on your phone

  25. Screenshot showing DUO authentication method prompt
  26. Finally, when your receive the authentication request on your mobile device, tap Approve

  27. Screenshot showing DUO authentication request

Enroll a hardware token device by following the steps below:

  1. The IT department will be providing a single token free of charge to users if it is determined that they have access to sensitive university data

  2. Photo showing DUO D-100 token

  3. Call the ITSS Help Desk at 828-262-6266 (Option 1) with the 10-digit serial number listed on the back of the device

  4. The Help Desk will configure the DUO D-100 Token to your account

  5. Log into a DUO enabled service such as ASULearn

  6. Screenshot showing single sign-on login page

  7. At the prompt, select Token. Enter the code generated by pressing the green button on your DUO D-100 Token

  8. Screenshot showing token passcode entry prompt

Enroll a landline phone by following the instructions below:

  1. In a browser, click the Enroll at DUO link below and log into your AppState account
  2. Choose Start setup

  3. Screenshot showing DUO account protect header
  4. At the device selection prompt, choose Landline and click Continue

  5. Screenshot showing DUO device selector with Landline selected
  6. Once added, scroll to the bottom of the window and select Continue to Login

  7. Screenshot showing DUO Continue to Login button
  8. From the Choose an Authentication Method prompt, select Landline in the dropdown and select Call Me

  9. Screenshot showing DUO Call Me prompt
  10. When you receive the call, press any button on your phone to complete your authentication