What is 2-Factor Authentication?

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What you know plus what you have equals system access

What is 2FA?

2FA stands for 2-Factor Authentication, meaning a system requires two separate forms of identity verification for access, making it virtually impossible for anyone to compromise your account without having both pieces of the puzzle.

How does it work?

2FA works by combining your two factors:

  • What you know: In our case, this is your AppState Username and Password combination.
  • What you have: This is the 2nd factor. It will take one of three forms: the DUO mobile application on your smartphone, a handy hardware token, or an access code (You will set this piece up when you are ready to configure 2-Factor for your account ).

When both factors have been entered, you are granted access to the system.

What is the incentive to do this?

2FA is an industry standard, best-practice method for securing accounts. The North Carolina Office of Information Technology has developed a mandate for state agencies to adopt this security technology, and all UNC campuses have 2FA initiatives in place to be using this technology by the end of 2018.

2FA secures your account against threats such as compromises caused by malware and phishing attacks. Even malicious actors who obtain your password will not be able to access your account.